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The Tokyo Women's Medical University (TWMU) has been doing epidemiological research on `Daily Life in Adolescents and Brain Tumours' since 2010 as a funded research by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. This is an international research which consists of 16 countries, particularly the EU, and the case-control study is to investigate the association between environmental changes due to an advancement in communication technology and the onset of brain tumours. In Japan, the TWMU has been participating in the study as a data centre and the Tokyo Metropolitan University (TMU) has been taking part in the engineering exposure study. Against the significant changes in the recent living environment and life style of people, WHO (World Health Organization) has made a recommendation to investigate the potential influences on the onset of malignant tumours such as brain tumours caused by the exposure from the environment in childhood which is more vulnerable compared with adulthood. The aim of this study is to examine whether there is a relationship between the daily life in adolescents and the onset of brain tumours in the case-control study. We are encouraging 100 patients with brain tumours and 200-300 patients with appendicitis to participate in this study. We would like you to fill in a preliminary questionnaire and to be interviewed by an experienced interviewer for about 60 minutes.



  Study on Communication Technology, Environment and Brain Tumors in Young People                (MOBI-KIDS)

 Tokyo Women`s Medical University (TWMU)

 Tokyo Metropolitan University (TMU)


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